1. dionysion:

    Man, this album

    those first two albums are still basically untouchable.

  2. In other news, I’ve built an ABY box, I need to adjust the electronics but I have a habit of having to redo soldering about 3 times before I do it all right so y’know, THAT.

    Its raw and completely not plotted, AS IT SHOULD BE.

  3. So this is a discography (basically, don’t have the year 1 tape but why do I need that with every other release in it?) of Ravachol. They were probably one of my favourite real screamo that came and went far too quickly for me. Their first EP Great Moments In The Void I ended up buying the cdr, tape and 7” of it, because every version looks totally different and looks totally amazing each time. Each pressing is also slightly different musically, the tape had some weird outro music to side a which sounded like a fun fair, the 7” was a total remaster and the cdr was the most basic form, straight up stuff!

    The Revolution Of Every Day Life CDr was an interesting one, they sent me two copies of this but I gave a copy away, the covers looked ace, and they were printed weirdly/misprinted and had random but dead interesting bleeds on it in the corners.

    Finally at the bottom, split with We Came Out Like Tigers (another band I adore), nicely mixed colour screen print, green record, and both sides sound totally rad.

    They were a band that just poured in great effort into all of their releases and they never let me down in quality, hand sewn and printed covers, spray painted cds, hand numbered covers, its all rad.




    ps. Ravachol come back plz?

    pps. ‘aprilrecordday’

  4. I might be taking some photos of Warhammer type miniatures for a shoot soon so I decided to have a quick play using an envelope as an infinity curve, one flash behind it illuminating that (1 stop brighter than my model lamp) and a second flash on a tripod on an angle above it, with a cheap diffuser over it to soften the light a bit. The model is one of the 4 ish pieces I have left from when I was into it, its pretty battle worn, missing an arm but hey whatever, still stands up for this.

    1 photo was with a cheap Pentax 18-55mm with a macro filter thing, the other was a Sigma 24mm prime that can focus pretty much to the front element of glass.

    There’s a lot of differences in these lenses, weirdly including the colour balance being almost total opposites, Pentax being incredibly blue weighted and the Sigma being so yellow the shadow has gone blue having to overcompensate from the tinge. I’ll have to play with in camera colour balance a bit more with the Sigma to get out the proper tone for that lens it seems.

    Otherwise shooting was dead simple, I’ll also be doing this tomorrow taking some photos of stool tops, just on a bigger scale (well they could be stool for 32mm high models, fuck knows).

    But otherwise as a quick play around and test I’m pretty happy with the outcome, thicker and actually white card will make a good difference I think.


  5. Anonymous asked: I'm getting made fun of by the "real emo group" on Facebook because I like the new la dispute album. How should I proceed?


    Throw your computer into a blast furnace for ever being on something called ‘real emo group.’ Then throw your ears into a garbage disposal for liking the new La Dispute record. 

  6. a389:

    Out friends at Organized Crime @ocrecs have a sick #Rotinhell lp for RSD. Ruined Empire aka hallways of the always 2. A continuation of the bands demo and ep tracks. Can’t wait #a389 #rotinhell #holyterror #organizedcrimerecords

    can’t wait for this! Also it looks amazing, as per.

  7. a389:

    #integrity #vegas RSD split with HUGE poster insert and killer artwork by @vbrrtrd / Szymon Siech. One time pressing available 4/21 #a389 #yousleepwecreep #holyterror

    OH GOD  chances of me going for this? about 200%.

    That artwork man.


  8. shut-up-devon:


    I don’t understand the USA, all your roads are straight and all your cities look like they were planned using Excel.

    Everyone knows the only way to build a city is to wait until a bunch of tiny villages merge together over centuries and create a sprawling clusterfuck of winding roads that make no sense and have no street signs and are impossible to navigate unless you’ve lived there all your life.


    Bristol, I’m looking at you…

    Ahhhh Preston, where street posts only exist at the ends of roads not every junction…

  9. sickreferencebro:


    the best thing ive seen today

    why is there a trumpet -_-

    Why not a trumpet?

    For that matter, Who not Zoidberg?

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  10. evictionaries:


    Andrew Fisher

    Thanks a bunch for stealing one of my photos and uploading it (a really crappy, low res version too) to your own blog without ANY source or credit at all! REALLY kind of you. Two thumbs up. Gold star. 

    You won’t even see the half of it. Also just wait till you decide to watermark your own work, I’ve had people crop mine off and put their own on.